A collection of female founders on rising & redefining their success.

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About The Book

Tune in for the best success stories from female founder women and best-selling authors across the globe on their rising to success.

Their stories on rising to their personal phoenix from the ashes. When we felt we were unable to get off the bathroom floor or stop crying.

How we utilized those pivoting moments for healing, energy, and ultimate success in our own lives.

I, Allison, was in my quiet time and the vision came to me about publishing this book series. The vision was not at all planned out when it came through. The intention came in stating to me, “You need to publish a book with other women, give them your platform to catapult their businesses and have their voices heard. It is time be publish this book all together.”

I relied on my intuition, research, the incredible female founders featured here, and the unfolding of understanding how to publish this masterpiece to now share with you. The best female founders for this book, unfolded into sharing their stories here with you in a vulnerable way. We all relived our pain and analyzed these pivoting moments in our lives to be able to guide you in learning from our pivoting moments.

Hopefully offering inspiration and motivation to create and sustain your own success by your definition of success for your life.

“Purely Magical, A Must Read.”

Testimonials From The REDEFINE, Series 1, Best-Selling Authors

IIyse Craft Says, “I give this experience 5 stars, or 10 stars, or all the way to the top, this was TOP! You get everything included and way more!”


eliane lepine says, “i don’t know a better person than Allison Ramsey to support you. she was supportive the whole way through, even with the crazy year we had. her work ethic and her energy are contagious.”

eliane lepine

Megan Corey says, “This was an amazing experience and to have the support of Allison and Empire Life is beyond rewarding and I highly recommend it.”

Megan Corey

Amanda Abella says, "I had tried building a community in the past, and it seemed like a lot of work for a lot of money, when i brought on Allison to be my mentor and coach, she coached me on scaling my online community, and within 2 weeks i made $12,500 USD, with empire life's guidance. Allison also guides me on scaling with Facebook Ads, sales, promos, events, and business strategies."

Amanda Abella

What’s inside redefine, Series 1


Allison Ramsey

Money Does Grow On Trees


Megan Corey

Take Chances. Make Changes. Just Start.


IIyse Craft

The Abc’s of Living A Consciously Confident Life


Mindy Green

A Love Legacy


Eliane Lepine

No Longer A Wallflower


Oxana Romanyuk

Survival, Rebirth, and Ultimate Success


Lita Vallis

Death by Perfectionism


Laura Wall

All the Bullies I’ve Loved Before


Jenna Zantua

Becoming Digital and Boundless

Chapter 1

 Excerpt From Chapter 1:

Money Does Grow On Trees

Whenever I requested something outside of my parents’ budget, it was a knee jerk reaction to hear this from their lips. My parents often told me the saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” more times than I can recount growing up. There was nothing malicious about it, it was part of our generational programming and patterns. They wanted to instill in my brother and me how we had to work hard for our money, and the value of money.

My mom is one of the best financial planners I know. She has been actively planning the family’s money for most of my life growing up. She was an officer in a ladies’ investment group as well, for a long time. I would often tag along with her and converse with the ladies at the local ladies investment group luncheons. At that time…




The Empire Life Book Series, REDEFINE, is a compilation of female founders sharing their rising to success and personal phenoix personal pivoting moments.

As I healed myself from having any resentment towards other peoples’ inflow of money, and however they had it, I allowed others around me to be more comfortable with money too.

Allison Ramsey

If I had waited for something pretty or perfect, I may have never done anything at all ever, and that is why I just started.

Megan Corey

In the journey of redesigning and reinventing your life, you meet yourself every step of the way.

IIyse Craft

Homeschooling became more demanding, and to keep me organized, I created a schedule that my children referred to as, “The Mother Board”.

Mindy Green

Learning to embrace my dreams and desires was a huge breakthrough for me about self-love. No relationship is worth forgetting yourself, depriving the world of your unique gifts, or staying small.

Eliane Lepine

This burnt out, fed-up position, was priming me for a new beginning. I was so close to discovering my path, my calling, my niche, and I had no idea.

Oxana Romanyuk

I imprisoned myself with my own death sentence: Death by Perfectionism. It started young and has stayed with me for decades.

Lita Vallis

You have to figure out what you want. And sometimes that is gained by learning what you don’t want. That is part of the lesson of the bullies: they show you the behaviors, interactions, and thought patterns that you don’t want. Once you know what you want, write it down. Having a tangible list of guidelines of your own helps reinforce it in your mind.

Laura Wall

My scarcity mindset, at the time, was telling me that I might not be able to get another good-paying job like this and I allowed all of this to happen even with knowing I had a toddler and a husband constantly waiting for me to finish up so I could be with them fully.

Jenna Zantua

About the best-selling authors.



Join me as I introduce all of the incredibly successful female founder authors here

Allison Ramsey


allison ramsey.



Allison Ramsey is the founder of Empire Life, a tech and digital marketing company. At Empire Life, female business coaches, consultants, and strategists are guided in scaling their online empires. Empire Life guides clients in business, sales, tech, and digital marketing strategies, and also has done for you services in designing a seamless user experience and technical infrastructure for membership sites, sales funnels plus scales momentum with Facebook and Google Ads, SEO, and Google Analytics.

Allison is also a software developer, data scientist, and college professor of Facebook Digital Marketing and Data Analytics. 

Allison hosts wildly listened to podcast, The Empire Life Podcast. On the Empire Life podcast founders from all around the world are interviewed on how they built and scaled their successful online empires. Tune in on Spotify, and iTunes, at Empire Life Podcast.

Another sought-after part of Empire Life is the Empire Life Blog. The articles gain tons of exposure and engagement every day. Each author in this book is featured there too. 

Allison is an experienced international speaker on topics such as women in tech, entrepreneurship, business, leadership, community, scaling empires, and business relationships and partnerships. She enjoys spending time with her loved ones in her free time.

Check out her blog post here, with an excerpt from her chapter.

Allison Ramsey






Megan Corey is an executive wellness coach, healthy living expert, published author, and speaker. Megan works with high performers to change habits, shift mindsets, and transform lives. 

She knows what it takes to develop and sustain healthy lifestyle habits as a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and working mom. She desires to educate and empower other high achievers to do the same. 

Megan believes to truly be successful in all areas of your life and to continue to excel in your career and business, you have to take care of your mind and body. Take care of yourself first and everything else falls into place!

Check out her blog post here, with an excerpt from her chapter.

Megan Corey






I’m Ilyse Craft, a beautiful mix of hippie, happy and wildly driven to live life purely by my heart’s desire; a very new and crazy fun concept after spending 33 years in corporate America.

I was well paid to drive profitable sales, all the while trying to prove my worth. Little did I know then, that was never going to be the place I would find it. 

After a health scare and heart-ache, I decided since I was going to live, to actually do just that.

Check out her blog post here, with an excerpt from her chapter.

IIyse Craft






Mindy went from a career as a clinical school social worker to a homeschool mom of four. Fast forward 19 years and now as a semi-sorta empty nester she is leaning into her passion for working with families as a certified Life and Grief coach and HomeSchool Expert.

She firmly believes heart-centered parenting creates peace of mind and confidence for everyone in the family. Through empowering and equipping parents with tools and strategies to connect, communicate, and cope effectively, they can thrive.    

She deeply desires for families to feel optimistic even in the midst of the transitions of life.

It’s her mission is to help parents bring lightness, laughter, and love into their homes. 

With a good dose of humor and grace, she knows it is possible to live a life full of joy and love.

Check out her blog post here, with an excerpt from her chapter.

Mindy Green






Eliane (pronounced Ellie-Ann) is a professional introvert, woo-woo loving, and latte obsessed marketing queen. 

She deeply believes in the power of an embodied personal brand and picking just the right font to create the magnetizing success every woman wants for her business. 

Her personal mission is to show women that feel stuck and unworthy exactly how to create financial freedom by honoring their true purpose and playing big. 

With a little bit of the right strategy and a whole lot of unconditional self-love, she knows you can create the life you’ve always wanted. 

Check out her blog post here, with an excerpt from her chapter.

Eliane Lepine






Oxana Romanyuk is the founder and CEO of Remote Rockstars® that offers high-end online business management and professional virtual assistant services to visionary entrepreneurs, industry experts, and coaches. Oxana works with her home-grown team of rockstar account managers and virtual assistants, helping entrepreneurs systematize and grow their businesses.

Oxana is a certified Online Business Manager and a proud member of the International Association of Online Business Managers and Association of Virtual Assistants. 

She’s trained countless virtual assistants and has helped multiple entrepreneurs grow their businesses, reach more people, and impact the world.

Check out her blog post here, with an excerpt from her chapter.

Oxana Romanyuk






Lita Khatibi Vallis wasn’t born in Austin but she got here as quick as she could. After 20+ years here, she considers herself a native by way of Seattle and New Orleans, where she spent 28 years prior to her arrival. She came for the music and stayed for the amazing people and friendships she formed here. Lita sang around town when she first arrived, hitting the open mic scene and grabbing a few gigs here and there. 

Her passion for songwriting and singing have been renewed during the cocoon period brought to us all in 2020, by way of COVID-19.

As she shares the story of her ongoing battle with perfectionism, she has also been practicing what she preaches by revisiting her childhood passions, taking online piano and songwriting lessons, and writing and singing every day since March of 2020.

She is a party and event planner and chief Party Priestess at Celebrate To Elevate, the event planning company she co-founded with her bestie (one of her co-authors here as well), Laura Wall. With over 15 years of experience hosting and throwing life-changing parties and celebrations, Lita looks forward to combining her passion for events with her passion for music and creating a new iteration of Celebrate To Elevate which will encompass all her gifts, in 2021.

Check out her blog post here, with an excerpt from her chapter.

Lita Vallis






Laura Wall is a co-founder of the Hearts of Healing Center (HOHC), a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization devoted to bringing more love and light to the world through spiritual development, counseling, and holistic healing services.  

With 12 years in the health and wellness industry as an entrepreneur, best-selling author, coach, and speaker, she now offers intuitive coaching and mentoring to women who want to show the world their authentic selves and incorporate their spirituality into their business. Laura is passionate about reminding her clients to live out their divine potential: embracing their truth, wielding their superpowers, and chasing their joy. 

Laura is also a Healing Guide, offering AromaFreedom, a healing therapy that blends neuroscience, psychology, and aromatherapy to facilitate the release of limiting beliefs and recurring negative emotions.  

All services provided through HOHC are given freely in devoted partnership with the abundance of the Universe. Donations are always gratefully accepted and are tax-deductible.

Laura is an engaging leader and an accomplished speaker, teacher, and facilitator who offers presentations on a range of topics including stress-management, productivity, habit building, creativity, spiritual laws, and healing. Please contact her below if you would like her to speak to your group. 

When she is not “in captivity” due to COVID-19, you will find her traveling to tropical locations like Costa Rica and pursuing her other passion: surfing.

Check out her blog post here, with an excerpt from her chapter.

Laura Wall






Jenna Zantua is a digital ex-pat living in Panama. She is an online business strategist and consultant that helps women founders with brand positioning, strategy to build, systematize, and maintain profitable online businesses. 

She is a certified director of Operations, certified online business manager, brand copywriter, digital marketing geek, amazing cook, tough mama of one, fiercely loyal friend, and wife to Steve Aoki’s (better-looking) doppelganger…

Also, she is a badass female entrepreneur and founder of Digital & Boundless, an online company that provides top-notch strategic tech and visibility implementation support for impact-driven small businesses. Digital and Boundless™ utilize technology, automation, systems, and processes that help women entrepreneurs grow their online business with ease and less overwhelm. 

She hopes to see more women-owned businesses grow and thrive in the big, exciting, vast, and sometimes scary, and online universe. 

Check out her blog post here, with an excerpt from her chapter.

Jenna Zantua

Upcoming book!

REDEFINE, Series 2


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Who Are The Empire Life Programs For?

The Empire Life Programs, One-On-One Mentoring, Masterminds, Day Intensives, Online Courses, Become An Author, And Business Retreats are for the ambitious, heart-centered, supportive, driven, strong leader female founders, businesswomen who are scaling their online businesses.

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Business strategies, increased confidence, increased knowledge in your gifts and skills, authentic sales processes, next steps to scale your business and expertise, and increasing your impact.

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The first step is going through the Empire Life Blueprint Online Course, then your first call with Allison, Empire Life. As soon as you start implementing our strategies (personal to you), and you follow through on what it will take to do so. We are in this together, our clients who have implemented our feedback and coaching strategies quickly are the ones who see the biggest ROI.

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How Will Empire Life Programs Benefit Me?

The confidence we gain when we are allowed to hone our gifts, ask for feedback vulnerability, and sit with professional experts in their fields is invaluable.

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Empire Life has a 24/7 tech support line if your domain is under the Empire Life Shop, here. For business questions, we can be emailed and get back to our clients in 48-72 hours in business days.

Does Empire Life Offer On-Going Support?

We are here to answer any questions from our previous clients. If they need additional support in a strategy session, online course, intensive day, retreat, becoming a published author, or in a mastermind, they sign a new contract and get started in a new program designed and aligned for them. 

What Is The Empire Life On-Boarding Process?

Every program in Empire Life has a lot of touchpoints through emails, resources, and reminders. Some programs offer online course access too.

What Is A Mastermind?

The Empire Life Mastermind is 3-7 super successful intuitive businesswomen coming together to support each other, gain tailored online digital marketing training, mentoring, implement strategies that are designed to make a difference to your results, and mastermind calls where you always get your time to talk about your goals, what’s working and gain help with challenges to scale your business.

What Are Free Resources Empire Life Has?

Empire Life is literally everywhere online. We offer tons of free resources of tips and guides in our blogs, our female founders’ Facebook group, our podcasts, and our social media channels.

About Our Programs

One-On-One Mentoring

Empire Life’s one-on-one business support is a game-changer. You will meet with Allison twice a month in two 45-min deep dive strategy sessions. You will have access to Empire Life courses too. Making your dreams, goals, and visions a reality, and quickly with the strategies from Allison and Empire Life.


Belonging to a heart-centered, ambitious, and intuitive community of women is life-changing. You will meet with the group twice a month, in two 45-min deep dive strategy group zoom sessions. You will have access to Empire Life courses too. Make your dreams, goals, and visions a reality, and quickly with the strategies from Allison, Empire Life, and the incredible community.

Day Intensive

An in-depth look into leading you through raising your prices. 4 hour intensive on zoom with Empire Life. Access to Empire Life Facebook Group For Female Founders. Intense deep dive into your business inner workings, guiding on strategies, and structure specifically tailored to you and your business. First To Know About All Things Empire Life – Giveaways, Offers, Freebies, Courses, Events, New Podcast Episodes, And Blogs, Premium Access To Empire Life Masterclasses, Podcasts, Blogs, And Empire Life Content. 5% Discount On All In-Person And Online Empire Life Events

Become An Author

Becoming an Author in this program includes: Private Facebook Group Access. Book Cover Design. Formatting Of The Book. Monthly Author Zoom Meetings. Each Author Has A Promo Week. Promo Week Features: In the Empire Life Blog, On All Social Media, Guest On The Empire Life Podcast, Facebook Live Guest, Instagram Live Guest. Planned And Promoted Events: Meet The Authors Online Event, Pre-Launch Online Event, Book Launch Day Online Event, Planning, And Social Media Features. 5 Personalized Customized Graphics.

Raise Your Prices Online Course

Right now this course is offered complementary. For self-identifying women seeking to raise their prices, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, and raise their self-confidence.

Business Retreat

For female bosses to come together and be treated as queens while learning tips from super-successful female business bosses. Network and collab with like-minded females from around the world in a relaxed and intuitive environment.

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