laura wall’s story

It was 1987. I had a small handbag from my night out. I was in a sexy dress with pantyhose and high heels, and no cell phone. In those days, cell phones were the size of a brick and only rich people like Dickie had one.

I could no longer see any houses or other roads, no way to get help even if I could walk through this unfamiliar terrain.

My mind struggled to make sense of what was happening.

F wouldn’t hurt me. He loved me then, and he still loves me. He came to rescue me and now he is going to…”

Before I could finish my thought, the car stopped. F said “Let’s get out and walk a bit. I want to talk to you.” His voice sounded like his old self again, friendly and relaxed.

Breathing a silent sigh of relief, I exited the car, thinking, “That was weird. Maybe I was overreacting.”

By now the sky had gone from dark to slightly dusk signaling that sunrise and another day was upon us. I was ready to put my horrible date night behind me.

Once out of the car, I was confused by F’s body language—his arms crossed over his chest and a slight scowl on his face. I had thought everything was okay, but now my clenched stomach was back.

Without any warning, F became judge and jury, reviewing my case: my date with Dickie.

He asked me lots of probing questions: how I’d met Dickie, where we went on our date, what we had done at Dickie’s house. In spite of feeling embarrassed and ashamed, I answered him truthfully, as we had made a promise when we’d dated to be honest with one another.

He eventually came to the last part of the date–my going to Dickie’s house—doubting my story, questioning if I had really stayed in the living room and not in Dickie’s bed. 

By now, I was crying and begging him to believe me. And, as quickly as he had turned against me, he turned, got in his car and drove away. Leaving me standing alone in a field.

I screamed and yelled, chasing the car, hollering his name into the cloud of dust kicked up by the tires. I fell to my knees, stickers and small rocks biting into them, and sobbed uncontrollably. I was surrounded by waist-high weeds and silence.

My fear was paralyzing. I could not think of what to do but sit there. It was like I was a stunned animal on the side of the road who’s been hit by a car. The sun was peeking through the trees at me, a reminder it was about to get hot. It was August. I had to get moving.

I walked a little and cried a little. The tissues from my purse were long spent, so I had to stop occasionally and use the edge of my dress to wipe my face. My high heeled shoes were hurting my feet, but taking them off only promised sharp rocks and stickers instead of blisters.

I kept my eye on the horizon, hoping this semi-visible path would lead me back to a road. Roads meant houses and people…and help.

Not wearing a watch, time had a way of expanding, allowing me far too much time to think. I used every moment to replay the events over and over, looking for clues as to why I had gotten here. Which led me to more chest-tightening crying. 

Before I ever found the end of the path, I heard the sound of a car engine. I wasn’t sure what to wish for: that F wasn’t coming back for me, or that he was. 

For a moment, I hoped it would be the property owner…like a kindly grandfather-type in an old beat up pickup truck. But instead, I saw the glint of sunlight on the hood of a familiar car. F was heading my way.

When he pulled the car alongside me, he leaned across to the rolled-down window, and gently said “go ahead, get in.”

Timidly I climbed into the seat, now aware and embarrassed by my streaked mascara and stained dress. I think I held my breath for the whole way back to the main highway. That’s when he began to explain what he had done and why. 

Wanna know what happens next? 

Watch out for my chapter in the Empire Life Book, Redefine, launching Jan 2021!

You will be able to find the rest of her story in the Empire Life Book, Redefine, launching in Jan 2021!


Laura Wall is a co-founder of Hearts of Healing Center (HOHC), a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization devoted to bringing more love and light to the world through spiritual development, counseling, and holistic healing services.

With 12 years in the health and wellness industry as an entrepreneur, best-selling author, coach, and speaker, she now offers intuitive coaching and mentoring to women who want to show the world their authentic selves and incorporate their spirituality into their business. Laura is passionate about reminding her clients to live out their divine potential: embracing their truth, wielding their superpowers, and chasing their joy.

Laura is also a Healing Guide, offering AromaFreedom, a healing therapy that blends neuroscience, psychology, and aromatherapy to facilitate the release of limiting beliefs and recurring negative emotions.

All services provided through HOHC are given freely in devoted partnership with the abundance of the Universe.

Donations are always gratefully accepted and are tax-deductible Laura is an accomplished speaker, teacher, and facilitator who offers presentations on a range of topics including stress-management, productivity, habit building, creativity, spiritual laws, and healing. Please contact her below if you would like her to speak to your group.

When she is not “in captivity” due to COVID 19, you will find her traveling to tropical locations like Costa Rica and pursuing her other passion: surfing.


You can also find more information about Allison Ramsey, Facebook Digital Marketing Professor & Empire Life Founder at Instagram, LinkedIN, Website, and Twitter. 

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“Timidly I climbed into the seat, now aware and embarrassed by my streaked mascara and stained dress.”

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