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One day, smack in the middle of the workweek, right around lunch, I had a meeting with my manager in which we discussed both team and individual sales numbers and performance for my job as a destination specialist at a leisure travel agency. My ticking bomb of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and fatigue exploded. I got up, said I couldn’t do it anymore, exited the conference room, cleared my office desk, and I left. I headed home to have a glass of wine. I, unbeknownst to me, had taken a critical step on my path to becoming a successful female entrepreneur in the United States of America. I was just a hop, skip, and a jump away from landing where I was meant to be within my path of career hopscotch. I overcame many personal challenges to reach the point that I am at now, and I continue to grow to this day. 

In order to reach the peek of the mountain of success that I am currently on, I had to cross many emotional valleys that brought me to the heart of facing my limiting beliefs, questioning my existence, and then ultimately discovering my path. 

My journey to success, as a rising phoenix, had me reflect deeply on my humble beginnings. 

I was born in the small fishing village of Krasnoshchelye, in the far northwest part of Russia, by the Barents Sea. I frequently moved as a child, lived in mostly rural areas, and grew up amid the backdrop of the USSR collapse. I witnessed domestic violence: my father, who was an alcoholic, habitually hit my mother in his drunken rage. The antics of having to search for him and drag him home only to be subjected to his unpredictable states had a deep impact on me. 

Owing to a lack of therapy within the Russian culture, however, I buried my emotions and hardships, and pushed myself to excel, first in academics, and then later in my career life. Eventually, after studying as an exchange student in the United States, experiencing the stigmatic cultural shame of being a divorcee from my first marriage, and grinning and bearing it through career dissatisfaction, I reached my ceiling, and I needed a change.

I imparted on a mission of soul-searching, which brought me to explore not only my emotions,  but the exciting place of India, where I fittingly stayed at the fishing village of Parayakadavu for two months: meditating, praying, volunteering, and actively seeking out my place in the world. 

I returned to living in Washington, DC, distracted, but disappointed that I hadn’t had all of the answers to the deep questions of my heart. Within just three years of that point, though, I accumulated an array of career and life experiences, which prompted me to expand my mind, address my limiting beliefs, and start my own business, Remote Rockstars®.

I’ve since focused my efforts on leading a life of contribution. Making it to become a successful entrepreneur in the United States was such a thorn-filled experience. 

However, my upbringing, with all of its bittersweet moments, primed me to be the person that I am today. Through yoga, meditation, and soul searching, I came to accept that in life, as we know it, where there is light, there is also shadow, and where there is good, there is also darkness. 

Embracing both sides is part of a beautiful and endless dance of life. In my career life, I climbed the corporate ladder of “success,” first according to what I had been raised to believe about the world, which brought me despair, and then second, I climbed it based on values that I established for myself, which continues to bring me joy. 

Thinking back upon when I was the unhappiest, those were the moments that I struggled the most to connect my actions to meaningful contributions in the lives of others. 

The work that I do today brings me so much satisfaction and joy because I am able to focus on providing meaning to others. It speaks directly to my love languages and my need to be of service. I am able to tap into the same selfless dedication with which I volunteered in India and apply it to creating value that ripples beyond the lives of my customers. Remote Rockstars® directly and indirectly facilitates significant growth opportunities within companies and communities. 

By leveraging my companies valuable virtual assistance and skilled online business management, six and seven figure executives are able to prioritize new visions and directions for their organizations. Additionally, their reclaimed time is free to be invested into their families, which promotes healthier lifestyles and happier communities.

Especially in light of the recent challenges in the world, in which the job market is seeing great fluctuations and shifts in day-to-day operations, now, more than ever, the professional skills and virtual services that my business, Remote Rockstars®, offers is something of value.

It’s such an honor for me to know that I am part of the group of individuals in the world who are able to offer jobs and that sense of security that so many individuals seek following periods of economic uncertainty. It continues to surprise and bring me a lot of satisfaction that I was able to persevere through the bitter stages of life and not allow the crushing despair that I felt to limit my growth. 

My journey of success as a female entrepreneur began with my inward ability to pick myself up and take action to change my life, and in my business capacity, I inspire and facilitate others to lift themselves up to achieve their visions and dreams, which is all associated with my team’s word for the year 2020, “elevate,” or in other words, “rise,” just like a phoenix.

You will be able to find the rest of her story in the Empire Life Book, Redefine, launching in Jan 2021!


Oxana Romanyuk is founder and CEO of Remote Rockstars® that offers high-end online business management and professional virtual assistant services to visionary entrepreneurs, industry experts, and coaches. Oxana works with her home-grown team of rockstar account managers and virtual assistants, helping entrepreneurs systematize and grow their businesses.

Oxana is a certified Online Business Manager and a proud member of the International Association of Online Business Managers and Association of Virtual Assistants. She’s trained countless virtual assistants and has helped multiple entrepreneurs grow their businesses, reach more people, and impact the world.






You can also find more information about Allison Ramsey, Facebook Digital Marketing Professor & Empire Life Founder at Instagram, LinkedIN, Website, and Twitter. 

To learn more about getting started with Empire Life in launching and scaling your online empire you can contact Allison, Founder of Empire Life, on Instagram and LinkedIN.


“She is happy that she started her business when she did and didn’t wait any longer to take the leap out of her 9 to 5 job.”

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