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When I first read Maya Angelou’s quote, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style,”

I knew immediately that it described how I felt about my life. It resonated deeply. It has been my lifelong desire to live a life full of purpose and joy and to build a life surrounded by the people I love while doing meaningful work. The belief I am made for more than simply surviving each day has helped me to stay focused even when there have been unexpected twists in the road.

Looking back on memories and lessons from childhood, it is interesting what bubbles up. The common thread entwined through it all is love and a connection between me and the past and who I am in the present day. I have always loved listening to the family stories of those who died long before I was born. I have often envisioned them surrounding me with love, guidance, and comfort and providing me with a foundation to build my own story, part of the legacy of love for future generations.     

Growing up in a small, rural community in Delaware with a large extended family, who your family was meant to be. You were known by who your people were. The family was important and there was a sense of honor, responsibility, and duty, and of care and support for one another. The motto, albeit unspoken, was, “Family First.” The family was the backdrop for every major gathering, celebration, and holiday tradition. Besides my parents and sister, my most significant relationships were with my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. These interactions were the framework for my world.

Even at an early age, I was aware of my mother’s struggle with depression and anxiety. Having dealt with postpartum depression after my sister and I were born, it was a lifelong issue for her and impacted our family in large and small ways. She gave up her job as a high school history teacher to stay home. My father chose to leave his job as a middle school principal and become a farmer to have more flexibility to be available to my mom. With the change in jobs, it created some financial hardships.

“Damn sun worshippers.”, was one of my dad’s often repeated phrases in the summertime. Frustration over the lack of rain for his crops, his comments were directed at the tourists who would travel to the beaches near our home for their vacations. According to him, each year seemed to be worse than the last with the challenges of the weather, crop prices, and the expense of replacing aging equipment. Seeing his stress, I associated owning a business with risk and financial insecurity.  

Along with the values of family duty and hard work, education was another priority. How could it not be with two parents who were educators!

Doing well academically was an expectation. Although my parents never said it out loud, the college was always the next step. While the dream for my future wasn’t well-formed, I knew I wanted to attend college, have a successful career, and raise a family of my own.   

One of the defining moments in high school happened in my junior year as those of us interested in college gathered in the library to take the PSAT.

While we were filling out the registration forms, I came to the part asking what college major I wanted to choose. I remember so clearly the confusion I felt because I had no idea what I wanted to do.

Tentatively I raised my hand and asked, “What if I don’t know what I want to do?”

Very quickly the counselor responded, “Well if you don’t know what you want to do why are you going to college?”

Embarrassed and feeling a bit stupid, I wondered if I was the only one who didn’t know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

At 17, the rest of my life seemed like an eternity. Frantically looking over the options listed, I ended up choosing psychology, partly to have something filled in and partly because of my mom’s mental health issues…

Wanna know what happens next?

Watch out for my chapter in the Empire Life Book, Redefine, launching Feb 2021!

You will be able to find the rest of her story in the Empire Life Book, Redefine, launching in Feb 2021!


Mindy went from a career as a clinical school social worker to a homeschool mom of four. Fast forward 19 years and now as a semi-sorta empty nester she is leaning into her passion for working with families as a certified Life and Grief coach and HomeSchool Expert.

She firmly believes heart-centered parenting creates peace of mind and confidence for everyone in the family. Through empowering and equipping parents with tools and strategies to connect, communicate, and cope effectively, they can thrive.    

She deeply desires for families to feel optimistic even in the midst of the transitions of life.

It’s her mission is to help parents bring lightness, laughter, and love into their homes. 

With a good dose of humor and grace, she knows it is possible to live a life full of joy and love. 


You can also find more information about Allison Ramsey, Facebook Digital Marketing Professor & Empire Life Founder at Instagram, LinkedIN, Website, and Twitter. 

To learn more about getting started with Empire Life in launching and scaling your online empire you can contact Allison, Founder of Empire Life, on Instagram and LinkedIN.


Mindy firmly believes heart-centered parenting creates peace of mind and confidence for everyone in the family.

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