I’m breaking up with struggling

This was a favorite saying of mine for a long time, it goes in this way, “If life is a gorilla, you don’t stop until the gorilla is tired.” 

I lived by this saying for a lot of years of my life. Lived for the fight of life. While I still believe to some extent, “No one can beat a person who never gives up.” 

Yet I have to ask, “Are we in a battle, where someone will need to beat us?”

It is said that most of are living in our parasympathetic nervous system most of the day, in our fight-or-flight mode. When this is true, this means there is constant cortisol, and adrenaline pumping through our bodies. With the constant cortisol and adrenaline this can possibly lead to adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, irritability, constant fatigue, brain fog, and attention issues. 

I read this saying almost daily, in those years, and kept going even in times when I was heading headfirst into sheer burnout. 


Knowing first hand what burnout feels as, after most college semesters I will sleep for almost 12-14 hours a night, barely be able to talk, and need this for at least one week afterwards.

Looking back I’m unsure I would be able to handle this differently unless I was in college longer. Probably, getting more sleep while in classes, making sure I was eating healthy, and making sure I was social enough might have helped.

I will often spend all day in classes, then eat quickly alone, workout, shower, and go to the library until it was time to sleep. I learned quickly how having a balance to be social too was healthy for me emotionally.

One of the first times I planned in social time and went to see a movie with some girlfriends…they wanted to go get ice cream or a snack after the movie, and I was upset because I wanted to go home and study.

I thought in my head, ‘I didn’t agree to see a movie and have a snack, I agreed to see a movie. I have things to do.’ 

Sadly, I had not driven my own car because I thought we were going straight home after the movie. I felt forced to endure going with the group, and I was not the most fun person to be around when I did not want to be there. I learned to ask more questions, drive my own car, or say no if I felt it was not something I wanted to do.

One of the first times I saw a counselor in college she started asking me questions about my days. When she learned how I usually did not make time for social interaction, she advised me to make it a habit to eat with friends. This did help my life with ‘breaking up with my suffering’ and feeling the duty to eat quickly and rush off to study more. I started finding myself laughing hysterically with new friends at eating times in the cafe. If I did not see best friends there I found myself going up to acquaintances and asking to join them. 


Bye Suffering, Breaking Up With Suffering 

 Formulas working for my clients, team, and I to break up with suffering everyday is…

Time Blocking

This is essential for me because I am most efficient at certain times of the day. Also, I time block my social days and admin days (anti-social). The nights before my social days, the days I have calls, I make sure I sleep well, and am ready for lots of connecting. The days I mostly do team work and anti-social activities I can take a nap if needed, and meditate a little longer, have some self-care. This helps me to balance my work and get everything done fluidly with ease.

Taking Breaks

Taking breaks throughout the day, even if for 3-5 five minutes to stand up and stretch, or lay on the floor to do some deep breathing. 

Creative Outlet

This can be going to the gym, painting, art, singing, playing music, listening to music, writing, writing in journal, writing a book/memoir.

Be Selfish With Your Time & Make Yourself A Priority

Making yourself your first priority, your healing, your vitamins, your health, your mental health, your creative outlets. If this means to put this written or in your google calendar, please do so.

Forgiving oneself frequently

As female founders we have seasons throughout every month. There are going to be times when we feel more energized and times when we need to sleep more. Basing our calendars off of our seasons is helpful, if at some points we cannot do this, and we need to take a nap…forgive yourself. If we do not finish everything on our to-do lists we need to practice the art of doing our best and letting go of the rest. 


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    “I lived by this saying for a lot of years of my life. Lived for the fight of life. While I still believe to some extent, ‘No one can beat a person who never gives up.'”

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