Top 20 Tips To Finding A Great Business Coach

This article is about the areas to look into when selecting and understanding if someone is a good fit to bring on to support you in your business as your business coach and/or mentor for guiding you in launching and scaling your business.

The Top 20 Areas To Look Into When Selecting A Business Coach/Mentor

If you are looking for a business coach, this business coach needs to have helped business owners to grow their business and sales.

However, there are many business coaches to choose from, therefore it helps to have clarity about what you’re looking for in a coach.

These 20 tips will help you get started:

1  Start with their knowledge level 

Business coaching and consulting are skills, and it takes a lot of practice and experience to master them. Coaching is not a regulated industry, anyone can call themselves a coach, whether they’ve been trained or not, you will want to make sure they are an expert in their field.

2  Select someone who has experience, both as a coach/mentor and as a business owner 

How long have they been a business coach or consultant? How long have they been a business owner? How many businesses have they owned in the past? How many clients have they worked with and in how many industries? Look for someone with a wide breadth of experience so you know they can handle your unique situation.

3  Know the size of your business and select a coach/mentor accordingly

Some business coaches specialize in coaching business executives with more than 100 employees, while others specialize in coaching small, self-employed business owners and solo entrepreneurs. 

4  Read through the coach’s materials carefully 

To see if they indicate what size business their clients typically own and run. To understand more about them. Perhaps they also have price ranges on their sales funnel.

5  Choose a business coach/mentor who has both business skills as well as coaching skills 

Coaching is a lot about getting unstuck, taking action, living to your potential, and managing your time. Consulting is about brainstorming and getting advice so you can create a solid business and marketing model, and implement a powerful action plan. As a business owner you know how important it is to have marketing skills, business strategy and planning skills, and good time management. If you need help in any specific business skill, make sure your coach is an expert in that area, so that he or she can not only coach you, but can advise and teach you as well.


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6  Continuous learning

In addition to learning new coaching skills, does the coach continue to learn new business skills as well?

7  Check the testimonials

Are the coach’s other clients similar to you? Does the coach have much experience working with business owners like you, in the industry you are in?

8  Check on LinkedIn to see if the coach has a profile there

While on LinkedIn read the articles this coach has published, look at their experience and skills, and check into their content.

9  Expert status

Does the business coach speak, write and teach on business topics? Have they published a book? Is he or she a known expert in their field? Is the coach an expert on business topics: marketing, client retention, strategic planning, and financial planning, etc.?

10  Additional offerings

In addition to coaching, does the coach offer other products or services, like books, audio programs, or classes?


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11 Free consultation

Does the coach offer a free initial consultation, so that you can get to know one another and see if there is a good fit between what you need and what your coach can offer?

12  Good fit

After your initial consultation, do you feel that it’s a good fit, personality-wise? Do you feel positive after speaking with them, or dragged down? If you are an energetic person and the coach is quiet (or vice versa), is that a good match? Do you feel you can trust the coach and have a good rapport with him/her? Do you enjoy their company? (You’re going to be spending a lot of time together, after all.)

13  Who you’ll work with

Will you work directly with the main coach or consultant in the business, or are there a team of coaches who subcontract for the main coach? You want to know exactly who you’ll be working with so you don’t end up with a coach whom you’ve never spoken to and/or who you don’t know their skills, knowledge and experience (or if it’s a good fit, personality-wise).

14  Prompting insights

Does the business coach ask you a lot of questions that give you “a-ha” moments of insight and growth? Part of a coach’s job is to help you understand yourself, what you want from your business, and where you may be sabotaging your own success.

15  Challenging

Does the coach challenge you to step up to your greatness, to be accountable for getting things done? Or does the coach let you get away with being less than you want to be?

16  Availability

Is the coach available to support you, when you want and as often as you want? Some coaches have daytime hours, while others only work evenings and weekends. Is the coach available via email or Voxer between scheduled sessions, how quickly will they respond, are you good with this?


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17  Fees and programs

Does the coach discuss their fees with you clearly? Are you clear about what you’ll get for the price you’ll pay? Do they have price ranges already on their website?

18 Look In Their Website/Sales Funnel 

While on their website, sign up for their newsletter, and/or grab their freebie to get to know their brand and content better. Check into their marketing and branding if you find it to resonate with yours and find them to be a professional.

19  What Resources Do They Offer For Free

Check if the business coach has a blog, a podcast, or a youtube channel and consume their content. This will guide you in understanding this coach better and gathering what they are an expert in. This is always a good sign when a business coach offers a lot of resources for their communities, it probably also means they are great at delegation and have a team. 

20  Look Into All Social Media Accounts

Aim to find them on all social media to understand their branding and mission. Areas to search and where to look are: Business Instagram, Personal Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook group, Facebook Business Page, Personal Facebook.


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This article is about the areas to look into when selecting and understanding if someone is a good fit to bring on to support you in your business as your business coach and/or mentor for guiding you in launching and scaling your business.

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