The power is in the follow-up

There I was today, working when I received a call from a company I had filled out an application for. After I had filled out the application I realized that I did not quite need the service yet. Will probably need it in a year or so because some plans have changed. Therefore, I decided to hold off on the service for the moment and will get back to them. However, I was extremely happy they followed up. I was happy because I had forgotten to update them about my choice to wait, and since I had forgotten, my answer could have also been a yes and a resounding let’s move forward.

I could have been a yes.

The power in the follow up. 

The reality is people often get over consumed in their day to day lives and they forget to answer emails or messages. They forget to get back to the company.

Even if they think it is a good fit.

When the company follows up with a prospective client on email, on a dm, or on a phone call…then the company is top of mind for the potential client. 

Even if they are not a good fit because of the follow-up they can now ask possibly about who they know that might be a good fit. 

Your company becomes top of mind. Your support and/or services become top of mind.

While a small percentage will say this is salsey, a lot will become clients or referrals will happen because you followed up.


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Challenge for the readers: The next time a company follows up, please thank them.


What To Say In The Follow-Up

Make sure to follow up in emails and direct messages, and by saying something along the lines of, “Hi, have you seen the previous message?” or “What do you think?” 

I have this in the SOPs (standard operating procedures) for certain members of my team to follow up in an email or direct messages. In the SOPs related to messages and emails, the fourth or third message needs to be asking if they saw the messages, or how this resonates for them, needs to be simple, straight to the point, and with a question mark. Then if at that point they still don’t answer, do not continue to follow up.  

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The power in the follow up.

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