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25 Social Media Prompts Course

What Is The Empire Life Social Media Course?

This course is for scaling your online business and online community. Have you ever wondered what to post on social media for the maximum impact, influence, and connection with your community, this course guides you on 25 social media prompts with examples in the presentation on how to connect, influence, and guide you online communities.

Hi, I’m Allison, Founder Of Empire Life, and Mom.

Creator Of The Empire Life Mastermind.

The Empire Life Team and I support female entrepreneurs in scaling their online businesses.

I am a business coach and mentor, giving our clients guidance in scaling their online empires.

From bankruptcy to a limitless figure earner business one decade later.

Read more about my money$$$ story here in my best-selling book Redefine.

The Empire Life Mastermind is a super curated exclusive elite group of ambitious, supportive, 6-9 figure earners, female leaders scaling their businesses, rising and scaling together.

My mission is for women to be rising together, improving themselves and the lives of those around them, increased freedom, supporting one another, and being in their power.

empire life Social Media Prompts Course includes

Empire Life 25 Social media prompts Course

One time payment 

Gaining And Being Guided Through 25 Examples Of Prompts For What To Post On Your Social Media

You Will Receive In Your Inbox A Beautifully Designed And Detailed Presentation With An Introduction Video To guide You Through The 25 Social Media Prompts As Soon As You Grab This Course

Each starting at


A sneak peek inside The Course!

To The Left You Will See A Sneak Peak Of The Social Media Online Course.

If You Are Ready To Grab This Course, Make Sure To Click The Link Below, It Is Only $50 USD Right now.


Everything is online: no fancy pants or travel required

The entire social media course is held online, all course materials are online.

You can access the course materials anytime from anywhere you have wifi or data.

All course materials will be found in your inbox.



Learn At Your Own Pace:

Go through the materials on your own time.

If you’re working several part-time jobs, a full-time job, having a baby,

getting married, or navigating big life events, don’t worry.

You can revisit and review the materials any time.

Remember, building a business that matters isn’t a short process or a linear event, we hope you are in this for the long-term.

Happy Clients

"I don't know a better person than Allison Ramsey to support you. She was supportive the whole way through, even with the crazy year we had (year 2020-2021). Her work ethic and her energy are contagious."

👑  Eliane Lepine, best-selling author REDEFINE, Series 1, Success Coach

"This writing journey was very empowering for me. I appreciated having the support and structure of a group along with the guidance and leadership of Allison steering the ship. I love having "Best Selling Author" on my list of credentials! It was well worth the investment of time, money and resources. This is a gift I will now be able to share with others for the rest of my life. Thank you Allison!"


👑 Lita Vallis, best-selling author REDEFINE, Series 1, Singer-Songwriter

"My experience in the Empire Life Mastermind is when I was only just getting started with the Empire Life Mastermind, I could already say that I love Allison's deep intuitive approach. Her ability to dig deep into what’s on your mind is unmatched, and should be highly valued by anyone looking to understand themselves better. Talking with her is always an eye opening experience for me. In the Empire Life Mastermind, I not only got to share my personal stories, I also had the opportunity to hear how others are dealing with similar situations - I can’t wait to see what's next for our business and my life! Thanks Allison and Empire Life!"

👑 Jason Allen, Founder Of Business Yoda

"I had tried building a community in the past, and it seemed like a lot of work for a lot of money, when I brought on Allison to be my mentor and coach, she coached me on scaling my online community, and within 2 weeks I made $12,500 USD, with empire life's guidance. Allison also guides me on scaling with Facebook Ads, sales, promos, events, and business strategies."

👑  Amanda Abella, best-selling author Make Money Your Honey, Sales Coach

"I am a client of Allison's. She has guided me immensely as my mentor and also her team and her have done some services for me. She has a quick response time, which I super appreciate. She is incredibly thorough and follows through. While she was my mentor, and her team built out an stunning online brand for me, these both supported me in gaining a lot more clients. I made thousands of dollars more every month in having Allison support me with my business. Also, even after our contract ended she has supported me by answering any questions I might have, and having sessions with me, at cost, if and when I need them. I continuously read her awesome blog too! If you are considering having a female mentor and business coach I'd highly recommend Allison. For me having Allison as my mentor, a fellow female founder also, really inspired me to move ahead in my business."

👑  Laura Jo Acuna Zavalney, Life Coach And Counselor Of Copper Bridge Counseling

"I was in the Empire Life Mastermind and I found it to be a great program. The community is super supportive and tight-knit, with professionals who are successful, heart-centered, grounded, and there for one another. It not only helped me redefine my business to grow immensely, it helped me to expand exponentially. I had a huge “a ha” moment just within the first week of having Allison's and Empire Life's Mastermind support! Allison is an amazing leader; her knowledge and support are exactly what I recommend to anyone desiring to grow their companies. She guides you along this process. She, and this mastermind, have made a big difference in my life and business."

👑 Elizabeth Lauzon, Founder Of Elizabeth Lauzon

Amanda Abella says, "I had tried building a community in the past, and it seemed like a lot of work for a lot of money, when i brought on Allison to be my mentor and coach, she coached me on scaling my online community, and within 2 weeks i made $12,500 USD, with empire life's guidance. Allison also guides me on scaling with Facebook Ads, sales, promos, events, and business strategies."

Amanda Abella

Rebecca Capps

Rebecca says, "In order for us to truly elevate and scale our businesses we need support, Allison is the perfect intuitive and structure focused mentor to guide us in tapping into our true success, scaling, and having sold strategies and structure to have more success, more freedom, and more joy in our lives."

Rebecca Capps

Rochell says, “If you have yet to explore having Allison’s business mentorship, I recommend immediately getting started.”

Rochelle Ruby

Megan Corey says, “This was an amazing experience and to have the support of Allison and Empire Life is beyond rewarding and I highly recommend it.”

Megan Corey

Allison is a business coach and mentor. A Leader.

Through guidance on Business, Authentic Sales, Lead Generation, Increasing self-worth and confidence, Facebook Ads, SEO…

Sales Funnels, Online and In-Person Events, Online Community Building, Email Marketing, Podcasts, Blogs, Social Media Marketing, and more!

Have full access to the whole roadmap, tools, and support to scale your business.

Allison is also a software developer and a college Professor.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find all the most frequently asked questions below. If you do not see your particular question answered below, make sure to click on the message button on the right hand side of screen, or DM us your questions on our social media platforms. We appreciate to hearing from you!

General Questions

Who Are The Empire Life Programs For?

The Empire Life Programs, One-On-One Mentoring, Masterminds, Day Intensives, Online Courses, Become An Author, And Business Retreats are for the ambitious, heart-centered, supportive, driven, strong leader female founders, businesswomen who are scaling their online businesses.

What Will I Learn In The Empire Life Programs?

Business strategies, increased confidence, increased knowledge in your gifts and skills, authentic sales processes, next steps to scale your business and expertise, and increasing your impact.

Let’s say I signed on today with Empire Life, when can I anticipate an ROI?

The first step is going through the Empire Life Blueprint Online Course, then your first call with Allison, Empire Life. As soon as you start implementing our strategies (personal to you), and you follow through on what it will take to do so. We are in this together, our clients who have implemented our feedback and coaching strategies quickly are the ones who see the biggest ROI.

How often will you communicate with me?

For Empire Life’s programs, there is usually a 48-72 hour response time to emails and direct messages. Unless this is in weekends and outside of normal business hours. For the one-on-one mentor program, there are two bi-monthly calls. For the mastermind program, there are two bi-monthly group calls. There is also a Facebook group to ask questions and have a response from experts in the group too.

How Will Empire Life Programs Benefit Me?

The confidence we gain when we are allowed to hone our gifts, ask for feedback vulnerability, and sit with professional experts in their fields is invaluable.

How Do Clients Get In Touch With Empire Life Outside Of Business Hours?

Empire Life has a 24/7 tech support line if your domain is under the Empire Life Shop, here. For business questions, we can be emailed and get back to our clients in 48-72 hours in business days.

Does Empire Life Offer On-Going Support?

We are here to answer any questions from our previous clients. If they need additional support in a strategy session, online course, intensive day, retreat, becoming a published author, or in a mastermind, they sign a new contract and get started in a new program designed and aligned for them. 

What Is The Empire Life On-Boarding Process?

Every program in Empire Life has a lot of touchpoints through emails, resources, and reminders. Some programs offer online course access too.

What Is A Mastermind?

The Empire Life Mastermind is 3-7 super successful intuitive businesswomen coming together to support each other, gain tailored online digital marketing training, mentoring, implement strategies that are designed to make a difference to your results, and mastermind calls where you always get your time to talk about your goals, what’s working and gain help with challenges to scale your business.

What Are Free Resources Empire Life Has?

Empire Life is literally everywhere online. We offer tons of free resources of tips and guides in our blogs, our female founders’ Facebook group, our podcasts, and our social media channels.

About Our Programs

One-On-One Mentoring

Empire Life’s one-on-one business support is a game-changer. You will meet with Allison twice a month in two 45-min deep dive strategy sessions. You will have access to Empire Life courses too. Making your dreams, goals, and visions a reality, and quickly with the strategies from Allison and Empire Life.


Belonging to a heart-centered, ambitious, and intuitive community of women is life-changing. You will meet with the group twice a month, in two 45-min deep dive strategy group zoom sessions. You will have access to Empire Life courses too. Make your dreams, goals, and visions a reality, and quickly with the strategies from Allison, Empire Life, and the incredible community.

Day Intensive

An in-depth look into leading you through raising your prices. 4 hour intensive on zoom with Empire Life. Access to Empire Life Facebook Group For Female Founders. Intense deep dive into your business inner workings, guiding on strategies, and structure specifically tailored to you and your business. First To Know About All Things Empire Life – Giveaways, Offers, Freebies, Courses, Events, New Podcast Episodes, And Blogs, Premium Access To Empire Life Masterclasses, Podcasts, Blogs, And Empire Life Content. 5% Discount On All In-Person And Online Empire Life Events

Become An Author

Becoming an Author in this program includes: Private Facebook Group Access. Book Cover Design. Formatting Of The Book. Monthly Author Zoom Meetings. Each Author Has A Promo Week. Promo Week Features: In the Empire Life Blog, On All Social Media, Guest On The Empire Life Podcast, Facebook Live Guest, Instagram Live Guest. Planned And Promoted Events: Meet The Authors Online Event, Pre-Launch Online Event, Book Launch Day Online Event, Planning, And Social Media Features. 5 Personalized Customized Graphics.

Raise Your Prices Online Course

Right now this course is offered complementary. For self-identifying women seeking to raise their prices, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, and raise their self-confidence.

Business Retreat

For female bosses to come together and be treated as queens while learning tips from super-successful female business bosses. Network and collab with like-minded females from around the world in a relaxed and intuitive environment.

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