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We recommend you to post at least once a day and on all platforms. When I mention all platforms, I’m referring to Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN, and Facebook. Pinterest can be utilized for certain brands as well. We, Empire Life, got obsessed with Social Media because it brings in leads and leads can be converted into sales, sales are what bring in money, bringing in money means you’re in business and can continue business. Usually the question of, ‘how often should I post,’ stems from wondering if we actually have the time to post. It starts to feel anxiety ridden when we feel the pressure of needing to post. Especially on Instagram we can feel, if we don’t post we will lose followers, which is true. Followers often are often concerned about what they are getting from your account rather than caring how you will feel about them unfollowing you. HOW do we post often and stay sane? We will go more into this in the webinar. To summarize, we have built a system where we plan out all our posts for one month at a time, and then the system pushes the same content to all the platforms. Therefore, we are always posting on all platforms.


YES! Well, if you cannot, focus primarily on making great content for one, the one where you feel you ideal fans live the most. Take some time to figure out who your ideal fans are, get started here. By going through the intensive Empire Life Blueprint Course, you’ll understand what your true vision is and how to put it into the world. Once you know who your ideal clients are, your true vision, and your true gifts, then we can focus on what to be posting. When we are posting to the multiple platforms we will be posting with our ideal clients in mind.


Honestly, it’s the quality of followers, not the quantity. We all WANT more followers though, and to obtain more followers we need to offer them value. Going back to figuring out what your true gifts are here, then deciding how we will share them with the world in ways they want to receive it. It often helps to share content that users cannot see anywhere else, unless they are in your Facebook Group, your Instagram following, your Twitter following, and/or LinkedIN following. 


Some of us may have never thought about this. A lot of clients have asked us if their great social media presence has the ability to improve their websites SEO. The answer is yes indirectly. Google has stated that they do not figure in social media shares from websites into their algorithm for rankings. Great writing, sharing valuable information, sharing those blog links, and all links from your amazing website we can support you in building will help your SEO greatly. Also, Empire Life is an expert in SEO and scaling businesses.


We don’t always need to “follow back” or connect with everyone who reaches out to us on social media. Why? We are building a network. Who we follow says as much about our brand as who follows us. It’s good to be selective about who we follow. Also, about direct messages, it is good to hire a Virtual Assistant or answer as many messages as possible. It’s not good to have a lot of unanswered DM’s in our inbox. 

Here are some ideas on who to follow and connect with:

  • Accounts that we’re genuinely interested in hearing from
  • Influential people we’re aiming to build relationships with
  • Loyal Clients, Customers, and Potential Clients
  • People who frequently engage with our social media and share our content

There are third party applications that will follow a lot of people at once and the downside is it makes it difficult to sort through our feed.


YES. On a platform like Facebook, sometimes we have to “pay to play” unfortunately. Recently, organic reach dropped 52% for users publishing content. With Twitter and Instagram usually following in the footsteps of Facebook with the algorithmic feed. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your content seen organically.

If you decide to try your hand at social media advertising will depend largely on your companies budget. If you can afford to spend some money to promote content on social media, it might be worth experimenting with. First, decide on how much you’re company is willing or able to invest in ad spend, then we implement an advertising strategy within this ad spend budget. Check out our article on creating a successful Facebook Ad here.

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You can also find more information about Allison Ramsey, Facebook Digital Marketing Professor & Empire Life Founder at Instagram, LinkedIN, Website, and Twitter.

“The more one spends on Facebook ad spend, the more people will see the Facebook Ad.”

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