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    Grab your FREE Gain 3 New Clients Masterclass.

      In this course we’ll explore Booking 3 New Clients. You’ll be guided in understanding how to create a consistent content strategy to attract your ideal clients, identifying your ideal clients, crafting your authentic sales strategy to enroll new clients. You’ll be guided in how to convert strangers into high ticket clients.

      As you’re listening please pause the video and write in your journal or type out the answers.

      In this course we discuss the art and science of converting a total stranger to a paying customer with a DM & a phone call in an authentic and non salsey way.

      We teach you the mistakes most people make, how to gain more soulmate clients, and sell like a master as we introduce you to our revolutionary connection call script. How to structure to questions handle objections, we also cover the Authentic Sales Strategy framework.

      In these videos, and 3 PDF’s, we’re going to show you exactly how we build our online family organically and get sign up’s every single month, with predictability.

      Here’s what we will cover:

      • Start Becoming A Content Hub.
      • Learn How To Have A Consistent Stream Of Content, By Posting Useful, Inspirational, And Insightful Content.
      • Creating & Building Successful Authentic Relationships on Social Media.
      • Your “DM Magic” Method, Reserving 1-2 Hours Each Day To Be Proactive In Your DM’s.
      • Catapulting Conversations Leading To Generating Appointments.
      • Getting On “15 Minute Connection Calls”.
      • Doing Connection Calls & Enrolling New Clients.
      • The Metrics To Focus On & Shoot For Each Week