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      Empire Life Will Be Publishing Books, in Series, Featuring Inspiring Stories of Female Founders:

      For Series ONE, of the blog & books, We are Accepting Authors To Submit Their Stories By September 30th,

      Guidelines Below:

      • To apply to be published in the Empire Life Blog Female Founders Collective (blog category) and in one of the Series of the Empire Life Books – Authors must be female founders. They can be female founders part-time or full-time or a co-founder, yet they must have their own registered company.
      • Author candidate’s short stories must be approved first before getting published.
      • 12 Co-Authors will be published in the Empire Life book, series 1, and published on selected Friday’s in the Empire Life Blog, Female Founders Collective category (dates below).
      • Submit Short Story to Empire Life Team in Google Doc, must be 7500 words.
      • Short Stories are based on rising from the ashes stories, and going from ashes, harder times, to a rising phoenix and powerful female founder.

      Series One Dates:

      All stories to be submitted and approved by September 30th, Blogs will start to be published in the Female Founders Collective – March 6th-Dec 31st. Authors will be published in the Empire Life Blog, with the category – Female Founders Collective, gaining a lot of exposure. Authors stories will be published in ‘ReDefine’, Series One of Book in Jan 2021.