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We look forward to getting to know you and mentoring you in your business. We, myself and the Empire Life Team are thrilled to have you possibly join us here at Empire Life. We appreciate you thinking about taking the next step in scaling your business, and in your personal and business(es) success.

We know for sure you have come to the right place to gain wisdom, mentorship, community, and more at Empire Life, for female founders scaling their empires.

Empire Life is an ambitious and inspiring mentoring company that helps female founders build their empires. Our mission is to provide a foundation of confidence, clarity, and intentional direction to help them scale their businesses in sales, marketing, money mindset, community building and more.

We believe all women have the power to scale successful companies and our unique value proposition gives them the support they need on this journey. As we motivate our clients towards growth, we strive for a future where women are empowered by limitless success stories.

step-by-step registration process for all empire life programs 

step one:

Have a welcome call to explore if this is a good fit for you and us to enter an Empire Life program, schedule the appointment here. If you have already done step one, move on to step two.

step Two:

Make your first payment and sign up for the program, either we can take your information over the phone on the welcome call, and you can easily fill out the information while on the call. You will need to make your first payment in order to receive the course materials. Click the links below to receive your program and pay your first payments: (insert links for mastermind, business intensive, and one-on-one and athena group).

Mastermind Payment (insert link or button)

Business Intensive Payment (insert link or button)

One-On-One Mentoring Payment (insert link or button)

Athena Group Payment (insert link or button): For the Athena Group you will need to make one deposit first of 10,000 USD here.


then enroll in the monthly payments here.

step Three:

Fill out the registration form for your program for us to get to know you better:

Mastermind Registration Form, Click here.

Business Intensive Registration Form:

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One-On-One Registration Form:

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Athena Group Registration Form:

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step four:

Sit back and relax and enjoy being part of Empire Life, you will receive a welcome email and text as soon as you your registration form is approved and your payment goes through. You will then start gaining access to all course materials through your email, and depending on the program, if it is included (not included in the Athena Group, and the Business Intensive), your personal success person will reach out to you in a text from the Empire Life Team.

Happy Clients

"I don't know a better person than Allison Ramsey to support you. She was supportive the whole way through, even with the crazy year we had (year 2020-2021). Her work ethic and her energy are contagious."

👑  Eliane Lepine, best-selling author REDEFINE, Series 1, Success Coach

"This writing journey was very empowering for me. I appreciated having the support and structure of a group along with the guidance and leadership of Allison steering the ship. I love having "Best Selling Author" on my list of credentials! It was well worth the investment of time, money and resources. This is a gift I will now be able to share with others for the rest of my life. Thank you Allison!"


👑 Lita Vallis, best-selling author REDEFINE, Series 1, Singer-Songwriter

"My experience in the Empire Life Mastermind is when I was only just getting started with the Empire Life Mastermind, I could already say that I love Allison's deep intuitive approach. Her ability to dig deep into what’s on your mind is unmatched, and should be highly valued by anyone looking to understand themselves better. Talking with her is always an eye opening experience for me. In the Empire Life Mastermind, I not only got to share my personal stories, I also had the opportunity to hear how others are dealing with similar situations - I can’t wait to see what's next for our business and my life! Thanks Allison and Empire Life!"

👑 Jason Allen, Founder Of Business Yoda

"I had tried building a community in the past, and it seemed like a lot of work for a lot of money, when I brought on Allison to be my mentor and coach, she coached me on scaling my online community, and within 2 weeks I made $12,500 USD, with empire life's guidance. Allison also guides me on scaling with Facebook Ads, sales, promos, events, and business strategies."

👑  Amanda Abella, best-selling author Make Money Your Honey, Sales Coach

"I am a client of Allison's. She has guided me immensely as my mentor and also her team and her have done some services for me. She has a quick response time, which I super appreciate. She is incredibly thorough and follows through. While she was my mentor, and her team built out an stunning online brand for me, these both supported me in gaining a lot more clients. I made thousands of dollars more every month in having Allison support me with my business. Also, even after our contract ended she has supported me by answering any questions I might have, and having sessions with me, at cost, if and when I need them. I continuously read her awesome blog too! If you are considering having a female mentor and business coach I'd highly recommend Allison. For me having Allison as my mentor, a fellow female founder also, really inspired me to move ahead in my business."

👑  Laura Jo Acuna Zavalney, Life Coach And Counselor Of Copper Bridge Counseling

"I was in the Empire Life Mastermind and I found it to be a great program. The community is super supportive and tight-knit, with professionals who are successful, heart-centered, grounded, and there for one another. It not only helped me redefine my business to grow immensely, it helped me to expand exponentially. I had a huge “a ha” moment just within the first week of having Allison's and Empire Life's Mastermind support! Allison is an amazing leader; her knowledge and support are exactly what I recommend to anyone desiring to grow their companies. She guides you along this process. She, and this mastermind, have made a big difference in my life and business."

👑 Elizabeth Lauzon, Founder Of Elizabeth Lauzon
Rebecca Capps

Rebecca says, "In order for us to truly elevate and scale our businesses we need support, Allison is the perfect intuitive and structure focused mentor to guide us in tapping into our true success, scaling, and having sold strategies and structure to have more success, more freedom, and more joy in our lives."

Rebecca Capps

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