Becoming A Wealth Magnet (Part 2)

This article is to enhance and create more wealth into your life with these strategies. To have and make the most impact on the wealth in your life. Wealth can mean more incoming money, more money saved, more money coming in from your business, more clients, more online courses sold, a better team, a better relationship, more time with friends and family. Wealth and abundance mean different things to different people. First decide what true wealth means to you, and in 5 years, and then 10 years, and 20 years. Most likely all of these time periods will look and feel different. 

A lot of people aim to make an impact and are unaware of exactly what takes away from making the greatest impact to have our messages heard fully.

Be Clear In Your Mission

Be brave and secure in what it is you are envisioning for your wealth, success, and life. 

Write these items out in a trusted secure journal, and/ or have a life and business coach support you through them, apply here for Empire Life business coaching.

Own your goals, and understand your core desires of why you want to achieve them.

Core desires are how you want to feel everyday.

Some examples of core desires are: freedom, affluent, abundant, comfortable, at ease, peace, happiness, love, secure, stable, helpful, supportive/supported, and more. 

The universe, God, and/or your chosen medium respond well to a clear mission.

For example, if you want to increase your businesses revenue…

Instead of saying, writing, or declaring, ‘I want to increase my businesses revenue this year…’

State a phrase that is completely clear on what you want to do such as, ‘I desire to increase my businesses revenue by $10,000 in June 2022 through taking on a new client, this will increase my businesses revenue every month for the duration of 2022.’


‘I will increase my businesses revenue by $10,000 in June 2022. Please continue to show me how I will do this.’

Then observe, and watch as opportunities, or created opportunities fly open for you, and decide which one is going to result in a healthy, happy, exciting, working way to resolve making the extra $10,000 and more.

Prove Marketing And Business ROI

100% of coaches and female-led businesses who implemented Empire Life’s business strategies in client leads, monthly income (often a 20X increase from when they started with Empire Life’s support), and client retention after having Empire Life Mentorship, apply here.

Decide Where To Give Your F**k’s.

When we give to many f**k’s as related to the book, ‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**k’, we end up spinning our wheels and not really ever going anywhere. 

Similar to getting in a car and not having a destination to put into a maps application, is comparable caring too much about what others might think about us.

We care what our table clothes look like when we have guests over, we care about how our shoes look with every outfit…yet we do not have time to check our bank accounts and learn about taxes…or perhaps we care about both, yet we can only focus on so many areas at once.

If we want to care about our finances, taxes, and stylish wardrobe, maybe we have to delegate one of those areas…such as with an accountant, or with a wardrobe stylist, or with a fiduciary financial advisor.

Caring too much about the niceties of everything, honestly just giving too many f**k’s about everything is extraordinarily unhealthy and tiring!

This leads to overwhelm, overexhaustion, being tired all the time, aches and pains, being worried, wondering constantly what others are thinking, aiming to be perfect…when in reality none of these matter for everything.

What matters is applying these only to what is important to you in alignment with your values.

What are your core values, if you needed to choose four core values what would they be?

These values need to be the center of every choice you make in your life. If you were to analyze every choice you make in any given day, I imagine all of them will align with a value. It is time to take an inventory of what choices you want to make and how they are aligned with the highest version of you. If the choices you make are not in alignment with the values you choose, this will greatly decrease your attraction of wealth. If your choices are in alignment with your values this brings much more happiness, contentment, fulfillment, and also more wealth.

Some examples of values are:








Helping Others










Growth Mindset

Abundance Mindset

With heavily investing in ourselves there is also no need to invest in multiple online courses which are not geared for the woman scaling her business. 

There are mastermind and online courses primarily for the female founder who is just starting out. Where we guide them in finding and solidifying their ideal client, their client avatar, and hone in on their exact message, their true essence and bringing this to the world, in our Empire Life Blueprint Online Course, here

For the female businesses who are scaling, who are already making over $20,000USD-$40,000USD per month, there needs to be a different and unique level of support, just for you. This leads me to our mastermind (doors opening soon!!), and masterminds in general to be a part of, and contact us and apply here.

Growth Mindset

Having the capability to admit fault, short-comings, and blind sides will greatly increase your attraction and wealth inflow. 

For example, if you are a person who does not enjoy cleaning, and you insist to everybody that you are actually good at cleaning, this will inhibit you in many ways.

This will inhibit you from outsourcing your cleaning while you focus on wealth generating activities, or go to the gym, or get more work done, or spend time with your kids, or enhance your life in some way in alignment with your values…

Staying stuck on being great at everything is a waste of time, no one is great at everything. 

Having a team with diverse strengths and placing them in positions they love and are great at will flow more wealth because everyone is in their zone of expertise. Everyone has blind spots in their work, and it takes a great mentor and team to be able to see those and admit they need to be outsourced.

Study Wealth and Wealthy People’s Lives

Read every book possible you can get your hands on about people building wealth, and about wealthy people’s lives.

— All of these above greatly impact our wealth generating abilities in our lives. —

Stay tuned for another article next week on more ways to attract wealth…part 3.


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Be brave and secure in what it is you are envisioning for your wealth, success, and life.

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