A Common Fallacy I Often Hear In The Coaching Industry

Have you ever been told, as a female-identifying female business coach/mentor and entrepreneur that you don’t need to work as hard, by another business coach? Maybe you’ve also been told that if you work too hard that you are less feminine

I see content everyday elluding and saying phrases along the lines of, “Work less and do no website, no promos, no freebies, no launches, and make a lot more money, and make tons of money, plus flow into your feminine more by doing none of these, tap here for the secret.”

These phrases get my blood boiling sometimes because it feels slightly toxic. Similar to going to conferences where there is someone shouting at you from the stage about ‘hustling’ harder, this is the opposite notion, and both feel extreme, and slightly full of toxicity. 

While there can be threads of truth in both ways of thinking, I think there can be a balance. 

The Balance Between The Healthy Feminine And Healthy Masculine Related To Business

Okay, let’s dive into this…because I personally have had clients tell me some of their previous coaches have told them this multiple times, and I personally receive DM’s every day aiming to ‘sell me’ on this…

This feels toxic in many ways…

It presumes we might be ‘doing too much’ and if we just did ‘less’ and dismiss any digital marketing, business, strategy, and systems feedback, that might be some upfront work, and instead tap into our feminine more than ‘we are promised more success’ from some of these coaches.


For the female businesses who are scaling, who are already making over $20,000USD-$40,000USD per month, there needs to be a different and unique level of support, just for you. This leads me to our mastermind (doors opening soon!!), and masterminds in general to be a part of, and contact us and apply here.


While relaxing, meditating, and manifesting all have their place in guiding entrepreneurs as they personally feel fitting in unwinding and creating more of what they desire and tapping into our healthy feminine is amazing…

yet it is not an all or nothing topic, I truly believe we can have healthy masculine and feminine energy together and co-exist, and only focusing on one dimension to become successful is a fallacy, for every successful entrepreneur I have coached and continue to coach there is an array of strategies unique to them and the businesses that work for them. 

And one more point about this is an entrepreneur might alternate between a healthy feminine and healthy masculine, and even within the same day. An entrepreneur might identify more with one or the other, and be able to tap into one or the other when needed in a healthy way too.

These ideas above could lead to those coaches’ clients, and people seeing these messages about ‘working less’ or ‘not having a website or online presence’ or ‘being more feminine by doing less’ to:

– Dismiss strategies about putting their content out there, promoting themselves, voicing their expertise, sending DM’s to potential clients, creating incredible resources for their clients and communities, and trying new items to see what works and sticks for us what our clients truly resonate with.

– Or we feel we just need to not work as much, and it’s more feminine so if we do love what we do and create a massive impact through offering a lot for our communities and clients then, in turn, is it less feminine? 

– Tend to dismiss their online presence such as their website, their freebies, their resources for clients, their content, their offers, and instead only focus on manifesting more clients to them.

These ideas can lead people to admire entrepreneurs by the pool, entrepreneurs while they are on vacation, or seeing them with their kids a lot on social media…

Thinking, ‘if I just work less and tap into my feminine more then I’ll be able to have more of XYZ…and then I can display this on social media too…’

And many entrepreneurs do not show the behind-the-scenes work, such as the countless hours they put into creating a video of them by the pool for social media, or the team of videographers and photographers to create the reels, shorts, and beautiful feed for social media.


Your Businesses ROI

All of the coaches and the female-led businesses who implemented Empire Life’s business strategies in client leads, monthly income (often a 20X increase from when they started with Empire Life’s support), and client retention after having Empire Life Mentorship, apply here.


Sometimes it requires being on our phones a lot, a lot of communication with team members, and to create good boundaries with this does take having a lot of systems in place. 

Which those systems and strategies take time and experience to make, create, and continue to update.

Also, not letting people into the roadblocks and building resilience, which resilience is one of the skills that truly matters in an entrepreneur’s success long-term…

Research shows that consistency and resiliency or the two top qualities of a successful entrepreneur for their long-term success.


Last week, I received an email from ConvertKit saying that they added a new function to add a ‘tip jar’ to websites, and have a link for the new feature. I experimented with the new feature and built a ‘tip jar’. It was fun to learn the new feature, and then have the link and code for it to embed it into my company’s website. I’ve been having a lot of people in our huge Empire Life online communities ask me how they could give back to Empire Life, here and there for the amazing continued content we produce, and then this email came from ConvertKit, and it felt as if your question about this was answered! I designed a fun excerpt of code and plugged it into our website.

Our team and myself putting in a lot to make sure our communities and clients have ultimate resources for female founders in scaling their businesses. Choose what level of beverage appreciation you’d like to send our way, here! Your happiness is our yerba mate-ness, matcha-ness, and/or hoppiness!


With heavily investing in ourselves there is also no need to invest in multiple online courses which are not geared for the woman scaling her business. 

There are mastermind and online courses primarily for the female founder who is just starting out. Where we guide them in finding and solidifying their ideal client, their client avatar, and hone in on their exact message, their true essence and bringing this to the world, in our Empire Life Blueprint Online Course, here.


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Hoping this article finds you well, and as always we love to hear from you in the comments! Make sure to DM us to find out how to get started on building and scaling your companies structure, systems, automations, and digital marketing for a brighter, more smooth future for your company and for your companies team.


You can also find more information about Allison Ramsey, Facebook Digital Marketing Professor & Empire Life Founder at Instagram, LinkedIn, Website, and Twitter

To learn more about getting started with Empire Life in launching and scaling your online empire you can contact Allison, Founder of Empire Life, on Instagram and LinkedIn.


While there can be threads of truth in both ways of thinking, I think there can be a balance.

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