8 Female Founders You Should Know


Meeting Female Founders of any kind in any industry is extremely rare. When we searched ‘Founders’ in LinkedIN, under ‘people’, and analyzed how many females come up with ‘Founder’ in their job description. The statistic is about 1 female founder per 30 male founders. Being a female founder has been referred to as being in the ‘unicorn club’.

This is why we see primarily male founder speaker panels, male influencers, male speakers, male conference hosts, male event hosts, male CEOs, male founders, male CFOs, COOs, CIOs, and CTOs. 

When we set out to plan our own conferences, events, businesses, tech companies it can be challenging to find high quality female founders to collaborate with and work together with. Actually we might question, where are they all hiding.

Business owners and founders creating space for female founders to speak and shine is a rare occurrence and we are on a mission to continue to create and hold this space at Empire Life. 

Holding the space for female founders to captivate their audiences, find their soulmate clients, find new users of their software, and share their gifts. 

Allowing the space for female founders to talk about themselves. Statically females are less likely to communicate their skills in the professional arena, we want them to have the space to have the opportunity to speak up and rise together.

In this article we will feature 8 of the most highly qualified female founders you need to know. Please comment and tag more female founders, we would love for them to see this article, collaborate with us, and will love to feature them in upcoming articles. These are founders a business can possibly collaborate with, invite to speak at your next tech, business or personal development conference or event, and reach out too learn more about her to acquire her companies services.


1      Sydney Wong – Founder of VenturX 

Sydney supports startups in getting funding. Sydney started VenturX when she realized who she wanted to help and the problem she wanted to solve. She met startups at Montreal events who needed help with funding and grants; she offered to write business plans for them. In 2016, she launched a gamified business plan writing application. 

During the beta, most people didn’t complete “Product Validation” Level 3 (out of 8 levels). That was the biggest failure for startups so we grouped and built out this application. We broadened the research to understand success metrics that investors, government grantors, and banks are looking for when funding startups. 

The VenturX metrics were reverse-engineered to provide quality startups the best chances for funding and success.


2     Allison Ramsey – Founder of Empire Life

Allison is the Founder of Empire Life, Software Developer, & Facebook Digital Marketing Professor.

Allison is a zealous, go-getter entrepreneur, whom is exceptionally driven by innovation, SEO, network effect, sales, technology & business. She has disturbed the market with launching & scaling one of the first female founded Tech & Digital Marketing Agencies in the world. Combining all the experience of Technology with Digital Marketing Strategies.

Empire Life builds and designs stunning sales funnels/ websites for their clients with high conversions with a focus on seamless user experience, creates and builds email marketing campaigns, high ticket sales strategies, supports them in launching podcast, google analytics, SEO, automations, social media management, and facebook ads.

She is also a Facebook Digital Marketing Professor, representing Facebook, the leader of Digital Marketing. She enjoys improving & utilizing her Facebook paid advertising skills to further serve Empire Life’s soulmate clients.

While she’s not working you can find her speaking internationally, at the gym, & spending time with her loved ones!


3      Julia Hartz – Co-Founder of Eventbrite 

As the Co-Founder of Eventbrite, Julia Hartz has evolved Eventbrite into to the world’s largest self-service platform for live experiences. Founded in 2006, Eventbrite has generated billions in gross ticket sales, processing over 2 million tickets per week in 180 countries.

Under Julia’s guidance and with over 500 employees in nine offices globally, company culture is integral. Eventbrite secured spots on Fortune’s 100 Best Workplaces for Women and for Millennials, and has been voted one of the “Best Places to Work in the San Francisco Bay Area” six years running. 


4     Katie Cunningham – Founder of LyfeTimes 

Katie is the Founder of LYFETYMES, it is an innovative One-Stop Celebration Platform & Marketplace that is making LYFE easier for parents or anyone to plan all parties, showers, holidays and celebrate milestones events in one place for LYFE. We are re-imagining the stressful planning process to the fun back into celebrations by providing time-saving innovative tools in one amazing experience. 

By leveraging AI and ML, we become the Co-Host through all LYFE’s important days and milestones to make the most enjoyable experience, we are just getting The Party started! Come for the party, stay for a LYFETYME. 


5     Lani Rosales – COO at TheAmericanGenius.com, Co-Founder at #BASHH, Founder of Austin Digital Jobs

Lani is the COO of American Genius. Lani is also the Chief Operating Officer at sister site, TheRealDaily.com for real estate insiders.

She spends most of her days hunting down stories about business, housing, economics, marketing and technology, managing writers across the nation, forging new partnerships with ancillary services and even a bit of community engagement. She has brought AG to be recognized as one of the top news sources in the industry and believe that a well informed professional means better served consumers.


6    Tarica (Phung) Navarro – Founder of Kinn Home

Tarica is the founder of Kinn Home & WE ARE KINN, they celebrate slow and simple living. A collection of interviews, stories and recipes from the people who inspire us — the creatives and influential home cooks who dare to go slow in a fast world. 

Kinn Home is home essentials for everyday living. Tarica is a lover of all things tactile, avid home cook, passionate about creating memorable experiences for people to move through. 

7     Sallie Krawcheck – Co-Founder of Ellevest

Sallie Krawcheck served as CEO of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and Smith Barney. It was through this experience that she realized that the “by men, for men” investing industry hasn’t worked very well for women. And that it has cost us the money to plan our futures and live the lives we want.

Ellevest recently announced a $33 million round of funding, with new investors like Valerie Jarrett and Pivotal Ventures — the investment and incubation company founded by Melinda Gates.


8     Emily Weiss – Founder of Glossier

Emily Weiss is the founder and CEO of Glossier, a direct-to-consumer company that leverages the power of personal narrative to own the beauty conversation on the internet. Emily is heavily involved in physical and digital development and creative and brand marketing, ensuring that all decisions are made in an inclusive, customer-devoted, courageous, curious, and discerning way.

Founded in 2014, Glossier has nearly 200 employees and over $186M in venture capital funding. The company has won Women’s Wear Daily Beauty Inc.’s 2015 Digital Innovator of the Year award and was one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2017.

You can also find more information about Allison Ramsey, Facebook Digital Marketing Professor & Empire Life Founder at Instagram, LinkedIN, Website, and Twitter.


“Being a female founder has been referred to as being in the ‘unicorn club’.”

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