4 Reasons why your website matters 

Your website matters! Read on to understand exactly why it matters. You may have seen others in the coaching industry stating, ‘You don’t need a website, or sales funnel, just get out there…’

While there is some shred of truth in this, our websites/ sales funnels do portray our professionalism to a great extent, and they do replace ‘word of mouth’. They expand our reach. Especially with awesome tech, user-experience, digital marketing, and SEO put in there, as guided by our team.

As a software developer too, I’ve seen a lot of non functioning and hard to navigate websites, even within huge multi-million fortune 500 companies. Having money does not always mean a company knows branding, or user experience, or how to make a positive impact with their customers/ clients online. 

Just as having money to invest in a great house, doesn’t always equal having a great living space. 

Sometimes we need to bring in an expert, such as an interior designer to navigate with us remodeling and decorating our precious home…

Similar to designing and developing an incredible online impact, with our websites starting to be often the first or second place people see our businesses, it is important to take this seriously. 

Your Website/ Sales Funnel Reflects You and Your Team Professionally

1 Your website is a direct reflection of you, your company, and your team

This manifests in → When your potential clients go to your website, they will either stay a little while, get in touch with you on your online profiles, and set up a call with you — or they will hop off wondering why it is unprofessional yet never tell you.

As a software developer too, I have seen a lot of non-user- friendly websites. This gives me the impression that personal professionality, user-experience, or tech is not important to them. I find it challenging to desire to do business with a business without them having a professional online platform on their website, and social media platforms. Also, with a streamlined professional brand throughout all their platforms.

Another point of why an amazing website/ sales funnel is important is because it displays your company as a successful company, enough to pay a professional to build your website for you.

A Great Website Attracts Local Business

2 Attract Local Business

A great user-experience and website attracts local business because they find you online, and then love what they see! Especially if you are mentioned in news articles online, you will want to make sure they have a stellar website to click on in order to check out your business more.

3 Your Website Can Generate Media Interest

A great website, which you build well yourself, or hire a professional to build can generate media interest. By opening doors to be interviewed on podcasts, be featured in online summits, 

4 Backlinks, SEO, Links For Social Media Sites

All the backlinks that a website has are able to be put into the website blogs, in the pages, in the posts, embedded into email marketing newsletters, in news media outlets, and on social media platforms.

SEO is search engine optimization. The backlinks from your website bring everyone back to your website, the more they are brought back to your website, by clicking on the links, the higher your website goes up in the search engine, such as Google.

If you have picked up my best-selling book REDEFINE, here, you already know that taking my finances seriously was a process for me, and you can connect more with my why there! My chapter is all about money mindset, and I highly recommend it. Money can work for us, yet we need to know how it can work for us while in business. 

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    “Your Website is a Direct Reflection of You, Your Company and Your Team.”

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